Invitation workshop ‘Genetic analysis polyploïden’

18/09/2023 - Monique van Vegchel

During this workshop you will be introduced to the central concepts of linkage mapping and QTL mapping in polyploids, and the software to perform these analyses.

 Dates:                  Mondays 25 September & 2 October 2023 or Mondays 6 November & 13 November 2023

Time:                    10.00-15.00h (lunch will be provided)

Location:             Impulse building (building 115) on the Wageningen Campus

The first day will start with an introduction to genetic analysis in polyploid crops. After that you will get hands-on experience with three R packages used for dosage scoring in polyploids: fitPoly and fitPolyTools for the analysis of SNP array data, and updog for sequencing data.
During the second day we will address linkage mapping and QTL mapping in polyploids, using the R packages polymapR and polyqtlR.

The workshop is free of charge.

Software informationIn this workshop we will work in the R language. Participants should have a working knowledge of R. A basic introduction to R can be found here.
For participants not familiar with the R software it is recommended to go through this tutorial beforehand.

Your laptop should have the following software installed: R, RStudio and the R packages fitPoly, fitPolyTools, polymapR, polyqtlR and updog. See below for installation instructions.
Please make sure that you have arranged this, if necessary, with your system administrator, because sometimes there are restrictions on the installation of software.

Installation of software

R packages fitPoly, polymapR, polyqtlR, updog: These can be installed using the R command install.packages(), for example: install.packages("fitPoly") installs fitPoly etc. (and similarly for the other packages).

R package fitPolyTools: This package and installation instructions will be sent to the participants before the workshop.

If you want to participate, please send an email to Monique van Vegchel and the date on which you would like to join.